Alligator Princess of America's Nile

One woman's solo journey on the St Johns River

                                                                                                                  Photo by Kirk Marsh




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This is my story of getting up close and personal with the river once called the  “Nile of the Americas” via alligators, wild hogs, indigo snakes, wild orchids, vine-tangled swamps and wide, shallow marshes. 

 Thus, I use the title “Alligator Princess” as a metaphor to contrast our safe and protected—even pampered—American lives with the more harsh realities of a wild and natural place. In so many ways,  we are all “alligator princesses” when we venture into this Other Florida because the rules change when we do. And our “aristocracy” at the top of the food chain is no longer guaranteed.  

I'm Michelle Thatcher. I'm a conservationist by trade, a mother of two, and a person who enjoys being one with nature. This is my saga of paddling, filming and exploring the St. Johns River on a 500+ mile trip.

I hope you join me on my website, and come along with me for the ride ! I guarantee it won’t be boring.    





Photo by Pebbles Elliott