Alligator Princess of America's Nile

About me


                                                                                                                                                                        Kirk Marsh

Motivation: The first day I moved to Florida, I drove down to Wekiva Springs State Park, which was only a couple of miles from my 1974 rambler, where the Little Wekiva River ran through my back yard.  With the warm humid air, deep blue skies, lush green vegetation, crystal clear aqua-colored springs, and turtles gliding in and out from the banks, Florida’s natural enchantment took hold on this native Washingtonian.  I went swimming in the springs every day of that summer and hiked through the diverse trails with my children. It was our “paradise”!.   


 My passion for this unique state took hold that day, and with such beauty, I was compelled to see more. Preservation and conservation were a natural progression for me from this point. I saw so much of this paradise being destroyed or mismanaged, both by ignorance and greed.  

 My new found love, coupled with my “le enfant savage” persona (as a good friend once described) and my drive, led to the expedition.  Adventure has been in my blood since my earliest memories. Tying that quest in with the purpose of learning about this inimitable, not quite fully discovered place that is Florida, was my ultimate motivation. Instinct was my guide, my compass was my navigator, and my passion was my drive.

  We live in a world with boundaries and yet wild Florida offers you another option. That was the Florida I wanted to experience.  She did not disappoint.

Heading into Puzzle Lake 



Photo by Bill Belleville



 Work: I am currently the Executive Director of the Association of Florida Conservation Districts, a nonprofit organization representing the 63 Soil and Water Conservation Districts throughout Florida.

I graduated from Western Washington University with a degree in Visual Communications and have worked with several independent film companies and television stations
nationwide. I have also been an educator in the field of science, and served as Program Director for a regional community center.

More recently, I served as Executive Director of Seminole Soil and Water District for four years, Chair of the Friends of Natural Lands and Trails, President Elect of the Florida Conservation District Employee Association and member of the Seminole County Natural Lands committee. I am currently a member of the Global Climate Change Committee for the Florida League of Women Voters, Central Florida Transportation committee member, appointee to the Seminole County Leisure Services Committee and most recently, the founder of the U.S. Green Chamber of Commerce, Inc.  

Activities: I enjoy almost any outdoor activity!  I recently was scuba certified  with my kids 4 years ago and have had made several diving trips to the Keys since.  For more regular activities I go jogging, hiking and kayaking. I am also just starting to learn how to sail.  I like to bicycle, but haven’t done much since my last trip when my friend Andrea and I led a “Bike to the Beach” trip several years back, starting in Altamonte Springs and ending at New Smyrna Beach.  When I was 17, I did a solo bicycle trip from Washington State to New York.  

I appreciate the rich history and culture in Florida and take the time to learn more about its unique character. I am already planning my next adventure in the wilds of Florida!  

Family:  Above all, I am a mother of two; the most adventurous, rewarding, and difficult task I have ever undertaken.   


My son Ian, 23, is enrolled at Berkley, studying Project Management.  He has just graduated from Rollins College in Winter Park with a degree in Economics.   Ian enjoys the outdoors and has spent much time hiking, backpacking, and canoeing all around the country including a 22 day hike through the Cascade Mountains. He was in the Explorers program for Law  and  Outdoor adventures and also served as an “attorney” for Teen Court. While attending Lake Brantley High School, he also was one of the top rowers for his crew team, helping to win many awards for his school.

My daughter Alexandra is currently the youngest elected Public Official in the State of Florida at 20. Her role as a conservationist started when she was only 12. She was my inspiration to start in conservation, as she began before me! She lobbied and spoke on behalf of the Wekiva. Alexandra was then invited by Governor Bush to speak at the signing of the
Wekiva Parkway
and Protection Act when she was 15. In 2005/6 she lived in Rome for a year, attended a Global Citizenship Conference in Salzburg on scholarship in 2008, and has traveled throughout Europe and the US several times. She recently graduated from the honors program at Seminole Community College and is now attending the University of Central Florida majoring in Environmental Studies. Alexandra eventually has plans to go on to Law school and become an Environmental Attorney.  She works at Aiguille Rock Climbing Gym as a manager.




                                                  Photo by Dean Campbell