Alligator Princess of America's Nile

I have many people to thank for their unending support of my trip, film, and sharing of my journey. 

This is just the begining of my list...

Special Thanks to:  

 My Family

             Ian Thatcher

             Alexandra Bunker

             Mom Thatcher

            Stephanie Thatcher & Bert Rangel
            Grandma and Grandpa




 Production Team

   Bill Belleville- Writer and Co-Executive Producer

Scott Whitney- Video Editor 
                    Bright Circle- A Motion Media Company

Daniel Flick- Composer  and Co-Producer
                    Floridan Music Productions

Equinox Documentaries-

Henry Maldanado - Inspiration and Marketing

Deborah Schafer - Fundraiser 

Renae Gurtis- Production Assistant

Leslie Campagna - Graphic Designer

Kirk Marsh- Photographer 515-554-6162


Tommy Cook- St Johns River Water Management District

Pebbles Elliott-

Tree Trimmer- River Dweller

Robert King- Lake Jesup Warrior

Victoria Freeman- House on Cherry Street Bed and Breakfast, Jacksonville

Contributors, Supporters and Friends:

Bill and Deanne Jeter- Drayton Island

Guy Flick and all those from Flick World who helped put together Flickstock II

Bob and Ann Flick for your gracious support

Dan- Camp Holly

Dean Campbell and Crew- Fellow Kayakers with the same St. Johns River goal and inspirations.

 Doug Voltolina- St Johns River Water Management District