Alligator Princess of America's Nile

I have a PowerPoint program that illustrates my river trip via high quality color digital photos. If you would like me to present this to your business, organization, civic group, club, school, or agency, please contact me for presentation rates and schedule availability. Rates vary depending on your profit or non-profit status and travel time. The program can vary in length depending upon your interests.

Part of my motivation in making this trip was to create a greater awareness of the St. Johns River, so I very much look forward to meeting you and sharing my experience.

Recent and upcoming Presentations:

·          Winter Park Garden Club Annual Conference: 10:00am  April 20, 2011
·          University of Central Florida 2010 Summer Faculty and Development Conference:Connections and Creativity: 8:45 "Alligator Princess" and 10:00am for Daniel Flick's Music Presentation   May 7, 2010
·          Relay for Life:  7:00pm  April 24, 2010
·           University of North Florida: 4:00pm  March 15, 2010
·           Westminster Towers: 7:00pm March 9, 2010
·          Museum of Arts and Sciences, Daytona Beach 2:00pm:   February 11, 2010
·           Liquid Muse: Deland Museum of Art 10:00 am:   October 7, 2009
·          Mayflower: July 2009
·          Keep Seminole Beautiful - May2009 
·          Earth Day on The St Johns- Lemmon Bluff: April 2009
·          Florida Embassy- March 2009 
·          St. Johns River Symposium- Stetson University May12/13th 2009
·         American Heritage River’s Second Annual River Classroom  March 2009
·         Florida Trail Association. January 8, 2009 
·          Waterman Village:     January 6, 2009  
 ·         Central Florida Sierra Club. November 19, 2009 
·         University of North Florida’s Seminar Series Program.November 7, 2008 
·         Meridian Club of Winter Park:    November 5, 2008
·         Florida Executive Women's Club:    November 4, 2008
·         Rollins College:    November 3,2008
·         Rotary Club International September 18th 2008
·         Seminole Audubon September  14, 2008 
·         St Johns River Water Management District:    September 11, 2008
·         American Heritage River’s First Annual River Classroom  March 2008


Call to schedule a presentation for your business/organization:  407-310-1744

Photo by Bill Belleville